I have a dream. Not the type of dream where I’m lying on a giant mound of carrots covered in peanut butter, having my belly continuously rubbed all the while listening to the sweet voice of Desi Arnaz (a personal hero and idol of mine, and not just because we are both handsome Latin lovers with great hair) serenading me from my iPod nano. No no, this dream is one in which all creatures, whether they be dog, sheep, elephant, leprechaun or human, will someday have the confidence to walk into the kitchen and create a delicious meal for their family or just themselves. So many people complain to me that they just don’t have the time or energy to cook or even know how to do more than boil water. Now come on, cooking is not rocket science. I have a brain the size of a peanut and no opposable thumbs. Heck, even mi mamacita can cook some things on the stove top without setting off the smoke alarms (notice I said, some). Therefore my dream for this blog is that those of you out there who have misgivings about their ability to cook a healthy and nutritious meal, will see that it can not only be really easy to do, but also incredibly fun. So grab a pan and a spoon and let’s get chef-ing.

Oh and because I’m so important, I now have an e-mail address. You can reach me at teenylittlesuperchef@yahoo.com


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