Monthly Archives: May 2012

Be sure to wear your sunscreen


Hola mis amigos! I apologize for my lack of blogging lately and for failing to post any new recipes. No excuses really. I’ve just been spending a lot more time sunning myself out in the backyard and a lot less time sweating my furry butt off in the hot kitchen. Spring time has officially hit us up here in the Pacific Northwest (finally!) and I’ve been doing what I can to enjoy as much of it as possible before it turns dreary again. Plus mi mama was out of town for over a week and it’s never fun to cook for just one person. Even if that one person is my favorite human being on the planet (te amo Papa). So in between sunbathing, digging up hidden cat poop treasures in the garden, modeling my new Speedo for the French Poodle down the street and going for long walks to the dog park, I’ve only managed to squeeze in a few hours these past couple weeks to devote to creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. I’m not gonna lie, there’s been a lot of plain pastas with bottled spaghetti sauce and store-bought veggie burgers served for dinner as of late– not exactly gourmet.

However, on one night last week I decided I’d had enough of warming my tiny brown body in the afternoon sun and actually prepare something more extensive than just Hot Pockets for dinner (edited to add: I do not condone the consumption of Hot Pockets in any way for either mis padres or anyone else for that matter. Unless of course you’re constipated and looking for a sure-fire way to induce severe diarrhea).

We had a little over 2 cups of leftover brown rice in our fridge that needed to be used up, and my initial thought was to whip up a little batch of vegetable fried rice or throw it into some sort of a chicken casserole. But then I had a little pep talk with myself and decided I could go even more above and beyond with my creativity. And what I came up with ended up being a huge success and earned two paws thumbs up from mi papa. Who knew leftover rice could lead to such a deliciously wonderful outcome.

Well amigos, I better be going. The sun is still shining, my Speedo is clean and ready to be donned and I’m thinking of going for a little swim out back in our inflatable kiddy pool. Now if I could just figure a way to get down from this huge deck chair….


Three years!!! Wow, that’s like twenty-one in dog years


Three years ago today, mi Tio Paul and his lady love Laura, walked down the aisle of the Moody Gardens Mansion and pledged their undying love to one another in a ceremony of marriage in front of all their family and friends… well almost all their family. I was forced to stay home and babysit their cat, Maddie, who I’m convinced is the only kitty in history to actually be more afraid of me than I am of her. It probably doesn’t help that I sneak up and pounce on her while she’s sleeping and scare her while she’s eating’s so I can eat the rest of her kibble. And I’m fairly certain if she were able to “crap her pants” whenever I’m around, she would. But I digress.

So I would like to take this moment to wish mi Tio Paul and mi Tia Laura a very happy anniversary as well as apologize for any amount of therapy I may have caused your fur-child to need following the mental abuse I inflicted on her three years ago. I truly am sorry. However, I would like to set the record straight and clarify that her recurring bouts of constipation are NOT my fault, and I really wish she would stop blaming me for that particular issue. Just because I slipped a couple Lego blocks and a few Fibercon tablets in her food bowl while she wasn’t looking does not mean that her inability to defecate is in any way my fault. Maybe she just needs to eat more veggies and go for a walk once in a while.

Anyway, in honor of mi Tio and Tias beautiful union, I made a delicious breakfast bread containing two ingredients that are also a match made in heaven– strawberries and bananas. And because mi Tia Laura is a vegan, I made this bread completely egg and dairy free. It’s also really low in sugar and contains no added fats or oils. Perfect addition to a romantic breakfast in bed or as a dessert to complete a candlelit dinner for two.

Feliz Anniversario Po and Rara!