Hola mi amigos!


Benvenuto to my blog. My name is Juan Carlos a.k.a. The Teeny Little Super Chef. Now let me first start off by saying, the idea to introduce myself into the wide world of blogging was definitely not my own. No way hombre. I was perfectly content with spending my days lying around on the couch, getting my belly rubbed and enjoying the occasional Greenie, carrot or rawhide chew toy. I thoroughly enjoyed my blissful afternoons staring at mi madre, waiting for the clock to chime 5:00 indicating it was time to get my evening 1/2 cup full of kibble. And I absolutely relished in my nighttime cuddle with mi padre while he watched silly matches of American football. Why would I want to spoil all this ease and relaxation encompassing my days by taking on the task of daily blogging?! Why, you ask? Well I’ll tell you why. Because despite the fact that I am a 4 pound, brown-eyed, brown furred 7 year-old Chihuahua hailing from a tiny town in central Mexico now living with my American adopted parents in Oregon, I am also a master chef and a culinary genius (to name just two of my many rare talents… I am also a rodeo-cosmonaut-space cowboy, but that’s for another blog completely.) Yes, it’s true. I cook and create amazing meals for my family and friends, all of whom have urged me to begin this blog in order to share my nutrition knowledege and culinary skills, as well as some recipes, with the rest of the world. So not only are you going to see all my creations and chef-ing skills documented somewhat daily, but you will get to enjoy adorable pictures of me in all my rugged, masculine glory as I spend my time in the kitchen. Buen provecho!

Side note: This blog is all about my cooking meals for human consumption, not for canines. My comida comes from a well-known catering company based in Switzerland called Purina. Unfortunately, I don’t get to consume the yummy delectables that I create as I have a severe nut and shellfish allergy, am lactose and gluten intolerant as well as whatever else is trendy to label oneself nowadays. I do, however, have a penchant for licking the floor and couch, so I’ve definitely tasted some of the fruits of my labor– and let me tell you, they’re muy delicioso!



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